Arizona Advocacy Foundation is devoted to defending and deepening Arizona’s commitment to democracy. We believe the cornerstones of a vibrant democracy are meaningful voting rights and access to the ballot, political decisions driven by voters instead of money, and a fair and independent judiciary.

Our Work

Voting Rights

The right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy. Election policies can mean the difference between having that right and not. While many voting rights battles take place at the state legislature, elections officials across the state routinely make decisions that can fundamentally affect the right to vote.

Defending Clean Elections

Almost from the moment Arizona voters created Clean Elections, it has been under attack from moneyed interests who can't stand the idea of politicians being accountable to voters rather than money.  In addition to our work defending Clean Elections from legislative attacks, we are ever-vigilant in the media and at the Clean Elections Commission itself.

Local Reform

Arizona’s cities, towns and counties are often the leaders on democracy reform to ensure all of their constituents have a strong political voice in the community.


When democracy is threatened, fair courts can be our last line of defense. This collection of cases shows some work toward protecting our democracy through the practice of law.