End Jail-Based Disenfranchisement in AZ


While jailed voters have a right to their ballot, Arizona law does not require counties to have robust and public procedures to make that right a reality. We aim to change that. 

The responsibility to end jail-based disenfranchisement is shared by multiple entities: 

  • County Sheriffs,
  • County Recorders and Election Directors,
  • the Secretary of State, and
  • the State Legislature. 


Join us in calling on each of these offices, especially the Sheriffs and Recorders, to show leadership and be champions of democracy by creating and enacting free, fair, and safe jail-based voting procedures.

We will be monitoring the 2020 Arizona Primary and General Elections will utilize public records to determine how many -- or how few -- voters successfully cast their ballots from jail in each county and will keep you updated on any improvements, actions, or other steps you can take to support voters in jail in your county. 

Who's signing

Leila Murrieta
Brittany Mata
Ramona Ferrara
Jack Frésquez
ben laughlin
Laura Hudson
Rebecca Wise-Eklund
Lauren Jennings
Kristy Sampson
Tori Snarr
Ellie Knowles
Chelsea Grieve
Roberta VandeGriff
Paul Gastelum
Cassidy Chamillard
Lilly Cain
Brendan Bogar
Angelique Terrones-Cruz
Ashley Munoz
Myriam Sandoval
Brenna Chabolla Stauffer
Tahlia Segura
Mateo Romo
Olivia Miller
chris thornton
Judy Whitehouse
Annika Wuelpern
Kellene Adkins
Gabriel Scott
GOAL: 100 signatures

Will you sign?