Unlock the Vote AZ

The Arizona Coalition to End Jail-Based Disenfranchisement came together to advocate for an end to voter suppression for detained individuals. The Coalition is composed of directly impacted individuals, public defenders, criminal (in)justice reform organizations, abolitionist organizations, voting rights advocates, and community organizing hubs.

By gathering data through public records requests and surveys to all 15 counties in Arizona they have created Unlock the Vote, a report providing a county-by-county scorecard that grades Arizona jails’ preparedness to implement voting procedures.

This report aims to highlight the barriers to voting from jail, including the lack of clarity from both county Recorder and Sheriff’ offices on responsibilities and procedures for coordination between the Sheriff and the Recorder, voter education, voter registration, voting procedures (both by mail and in-person) and any adaptations incorporated to ensure safe voting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you're interested in learning more or want to get involved, join our petition to end jail-based disenfranchisement